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Mid Production Slitting Line, MAX 600 SL type

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5.- Tension Unit and Recoiler.

Mid Production Slitting Line, MAX 600 SL type

This is an optimised Slitting Line with a modular basic design on which can add and fit options for increasing production capacity and performance characteristics of the Line, according customer's specifications and requirements.

This modular design is applied so for mechanical components as for electronics because an integrated "in house" construction, made inside INDECO's plant.

All control systems are manufactured with elec. standard components, available in the market permitting an easy replacement for maintenance services anywhere at anytime.

The main advantage of this "MAX" type modular design for the customer is a present low investment, for a High Quality and Performance Line and a future step by step development according production requirements.

Line Production Parameters for a Slitting Line MAX 600 SL type:

Type of material to be processed:

Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Non ferrous metals and alloys.
Cold and hot rolled, pickled, dry or oiled, galvanized and coatings.

Mechanical characteristics:

  Min. Max.
Material strength N/mm² 350 600
Yield point N/mm² 280 350
Strip width mm. - 600
Strip thickness mm. 0,3 4
Coil O.D. mm. 508 610
Coil weight Tn.. - 8

Slitting line general specifications:

Processing speeds:

Strip Threading speed - mts/min. 15
Line Speed N¹ 1 mts/min. 0-120

Tensioning units (Unwind/Recoiling):

Strip width max. mm Line speed mts/min.
Tension in Kg.
Unwind Recoiling
600 x 4 120 360 2000

Line Design:

Metal Strip Width (mm) Line speed mts/min. Line type
600 x 4 120 One loop

Board of Production:

Material: σ R = 600 N/mm²

Thickness mm. 0,3 0,5 0,8 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 4
Nº of Strips 30 24 20 18 12 10 8 6 3
Production speed mts/min. 120 120

Recoiling specifications:

    Min. Max.
Range of strip widths mm. 20 600
Range of strip thikness mm. 0,3 4
Range of coils O.D. mm. - 1850
Coils I.D. mm. - 508
Coils weight Tm. - 8

Future options:

  • Unwind coil car
  • Scrap shearing
  • Increase line speed up to 240 m/min
  • Fully automatic slitter change

Electric Parameters:

  10% 5%
Power Elec. current 380 V. 50 Hz.
Auxiliary Elec. current 110 V. 50 Hz.
Solenoid valves Elec. current 110 V. 50 Hz.

Compressed air

Air Pressure 5 bars.

Hydraulic power pack

nominal pressure 100 bars.
Max. pressure 110 bars.
Cooling system by Air

Climatic condition

  Min. Max.
Outdoor temperature -6º C +44º C
Indoor temperature +5º C +40º C

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